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Zeaborn Ship Management hosts a 2-day in-house MRM train the trainer course

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Zeaborn Ship Management, one of our newest MRM licencees, hosted a 2-day in-house MRM train the trainer course at their headquarters in Hamburg, Germany on February 6-7, 2020. This shows a strong commitment from its management to implement MRM from top to bottom and an inspiration to its employees to be more proactive and to continuously contribute in minimising accidents and incidents on-board and even at the shore side. The event highlighted case studies where participants discussed what went wrong and how would the incidents/accidents could have been avoided. There was a good mix of participants coming from the shore-side management and officers working on-board that made the discussions interesting.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks Zeaborn Ship Management for hosting a successful MRM event!

The following participated in the event:

  1. Remigiusz Dybizbanski
  2. Simon Hinsen
  3. Torsten Iborg
  4. Christian Lederer
  5. Boris Nebendahl
  6. Vitaliy Polyakov
  7. Livia Rauca
  8. Shane Rozario
  9. Kamil Cyprian Rożniatowski
  10. Björn-Hendrik Salecker
  11. Patrick Schwinke
  12. Björn Siewers
  13. Christian Vogel

BRM/MRM highlighted in Seaways

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“Attitudes speak louder than words”, as emphasised by Capt. Ed Verbeek in his article “BRM – back to the future?” published in Seaways, January 2019 edition. In the article, Capt. Verbeek, one of the first certified BRM Workshop Leaders, reflects on BRM and its development some 25 years after his initiation into “the wonderful world of BRM”.

The objectives and training concept of BRM (or MRM if you prefer) have not changed since BRM was launched in 1993. The focus remains on attitudes and behaviour and not on knowledge and skills, as opposed to technical training. The BRM/MRM facilitator should not teach and instruct, the facilitator should just lead the discussions so the participants find out for themselves what are appropriate behaviours in different situations. The participants should do most of the talking and if the voice of the facilitator is heard the majority of the time, “it might indicate that something is going wrong”.

Capt. Verbeek is worried that today’s BRM course has become “just another course” and deviated from how it was originally conceived. To put it on track again, we need to look back at the founding principles of the course.

To read the whole article, please click here or on the photo below. (The article is uploaded by kind permission and courtesy of Seaways.)

MRM Facilitator Event in Manila

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ALL Academy conducted another MRM Facilitator training on April 23, 2019 which was held at Holiday Inn Express in Manila. This is to accommodate the request of one of our training providers in the Philippines who wanted a few of their facilitators to undergo the training and be certified. As a result, another company sent their representatives to complete this training’s batch.

The participants were:

  1. Joey Ryan Abengona     PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  2. Bri-John Calulo               PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  3. John Mark Castano        Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  4. Michael Jay Enciso         Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  5. Jonathan Khent Santos Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  6. Renz Martin     Santos    Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  7. Paul Zamesa                    Southfield Agencies, Inc.

A group photo of the participants with Mr. Martin Hernqvist.

MAIB reports lack of pilot and Master communication on CMA CGM Centaurus Jebel Ali berth collision

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The recent release of MAIB’s report on the collision that occurred on 04 May 2017 involving containership CMA CGM Centaurus and the berth at Jebel Ali port in Dubai highlighted a few important MRM principles. The lack of Master and Pilot communication was just one of them. In the report, it also stated that the pilot-bridge interaction was kept to minimum therefore making it difficult for the master to actively engage in the act of pilotage. There was no shared mental picture for both the pilot and the bridge staff giving no chance for a healthy challenge and response environment.

MAIB remarked: “It is imperative that pilots and ships’ bridge teams work together and implement the best practices of Bridge Resource Management to ensure the safety of both ships and ports.”

Here is the link to read more about the report:

The Swedish Club hosts MRM Facilitator training course

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The MRM Facilitator training course in Gothenburg on 04 July 2018 has been successfully concluded. The event was held at The Swedish Club Office with 7 companies and academic institutions represented during the course. Coming from different backgrounds and roles in the shipping industry, participants exchanged experiences and ideas that made the discussion very interesting.

The event culminates the half-year operation of ALL Academy International just before the summer holiday. We look forward to more MRM events in the second half of 2018!

The participants were:

  1. Isabell Andersdotter – AtoB@C Shipping AB
  2. Peter Hutchison – Carnival UK Maritime
  3. Martyn Thomas – Carnival UK Maritime
  4. Oguz Atik – Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty
  5. Marcel van der Horst – Loodswezen Stodel
  6. Michiel Vader – Loodswezen Stodel
  7. Stephanie Lamond – Northern Marine Manning Services
  8. Marcel Kind – Simwave B.V.
  9. Tegegne Tefera – University of South East Norway

The participants with ALL Academy staff at The Swedish Club terrace in Gothenburg.


Participants discuss best strategies in delivering the MRM training.


Photo opportunity inside The Swedish Club office in Gothenburg.

Challenge and Response? The El Faro Case

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The latest findings of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on the EL FARO case which was recently published highlighted one of the important concepts of MRM which is Challenge and Response. Despite the suggestions of other officers on three occasions that the ship should change course, the Captain ignored these suggestions.

“We may never understand why the captain failed to heed his crew’s concerns about sailing into the path of a hurricane, or why he refused to chart a safer course away from such dangerous weather,” said NTSB Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt.  “But we know all too well the devastating consequences of those decisions.”

To read the NTSB text, click here.

Azalea Maritime uses MRM to its full potential

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Why separate people in training who work together on board? We don’t think that’s a good idea and this is in fact the main reason we moved from the “old” term Bridge Resource Management (BRM) to Maritime Resource Management (MRM) long time ago now. Martin Hernqvist of ALL Academy, who personally was involved in the development of the first ever BRM course in the early 1990s, admits the term BRM was a dead end.

The benefits of bringing all people together in resource management training was clearly demonstrated by Azalea Maritime in Montenegro during an MRM course carried out in early November 2017. In an article published after the course, Azalea Maritime says:

“The approach to integrate all the resources involved in the maritime business of safe ship operation which started with the integration of the bridge, engine and cargo team into one single team, has proven to be more effective than having these teams in separate trainings.”

Furthermore; “The feedback from all parties involved (trainees, Principal representatives, etc.) was very positive. The training exceeded their expectations based on usual requirements set in resource management courses found elsewhere. All the team members had previously attended resource management training on several occasions, but never experienced the cooperation/common problem solving that all the teams achieved during this Maritime Resource Management.”

Azalea Maritime made extensive use of simulators during the MRM course. Using simulators may help in the implementation of the message of the course but is not a requirement. Click here or on the picture for the full article.

Maritime Safety Seminar for Shipping Companies in Singapore

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We were not surprised that a “maritime safety seminar for shipping companies aiming at zero insurance claims” should attract a large number of safety-oriented people in Singapore. We spent half a day at the Furama RiverFront hotel on November 7, 2016 discussing contributing factors in accidents, the impact of national and company culture, pilotage issues and how we best increase safety, efficiency and job satisfaction in our shipping companies. Many good ideas and comments came from the highly experienced participants, many of them in top management positions.

At the venue during the MRM Safety Seminar in Singapore on 07 November 2016

At the venue during the MRM Safety Seminar in Singapore on 07 November 2016.

MRM Seminar at PV Trans

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A half-day MRM seminar was carried out at PV Trans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by ALL Academy on 4 November 2016. Mr Do Hong Phuong of PV Trans had gathered a large group of employees from different departments who participated in the seminar. The seminar was well-received and we do hope that we shall soon get the chance to meet again in Vietnam for follow-up training and discussions.


Mr Do Hong Phuong of PV Trans gives an overview and background of the seminar.


A view of the entrance at PV Trans in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

A view of the entrance at PV Trans in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Strengthening the MRM Network through User Seminars

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The first MRM User Seminar culminated successfully with 23 certified MRM Facilitators from Asia and Europe attending the event. It was an excellent opportunity to meet, discuss and network with fellow facilitators from different parts of the world. GigaMare, one of the licenced MRM Training providers in Subic Bay, Philippines, hosted the event on 26-27 October 2016. The main objectives of the event were to showcase the new MRM concept and to discuss strategies on how to move forward both with the MRM programme and the network.

An integral part of the event was the presentations and sharing of experiences by the following facilitators: Capt. Foong Yee Kuan, PSAM Academy, Capt. Caspar Graf von Spee, Harren & Partner Ship Management GmbH and Capt. Jonas Engström, Wisby Shipmanagement AB.

Capt. Peter Sars, Head of Training at Gigamare, said: “In general, I believe that all participants appreciated the various discussions we had and the opportunity to make new contacts. There was a mix of facilitators from both shipping companies and training centres and several nationalities were represented.”

He added: “The facilitators got refreshed on the basics of MRM training, i.e. why do we need MRM training. Even though unmanned ships will be in the test phase within the next few years, the human factor will still remain on board ships for an unpredictable time. When a team is able to discuss the way they work together and find ways to improve their teamwork, then accidents can be avoided.

Training methods were discussed, tips and ideas were shared, and updates to material and content, presented by Martin, were also discussed.”

ALL Academy will continue to bring inspiring people together in forums like this and this type of event will continue to be held annually.

Michelle Samaniego from Wisby Tankers AB shared her thoughts after the event: “The MRM Facilitator meet up is very uplifting. As a non-marine facilitator, this seminar helps boost my confidence. Sharing of experiences and strategies handling the course is a good tool and support for each facilitator.

Facilitating MRM is not about teaching but sharing and learning from experience and inspiring to do and be better in order to influence and promote safe attitude.”

This event is about building a stronger network of MRM facilitators that will take the MRM programme to a new level of resource management training in reaching our goal towards safer shipping.

Capt. Peter Sars from GigaMare opened the MRM User Seminar with a welcome address.

Capt. Peter Sars from GigaMare opened the MRM User Seminar with a welcome address.



Capt. Foong Yee Kuan from PSAM Academy was the first presenter to talk about the PSAM experience with MRM.



Capt. Caspar Graf von Spee from Harren & Partner Ship Management GmbH presented their facilitation techniques when conducting MRM course.



Capt. Jonas Engström of Wisby Shipmanagement was the third presenter who shared Wisby’s MRM experience.



Ms. Michelle Samaniego of Wisby shared her personal experience as a MRM facilitator during the session.



During the coffee break, participants pose for a photo opportunity.



Workshop group 1.



Workshop group 2.



Workshop group 3.

The pioneering group from the first MRM User Seminar in Subic Bay, Philippines.

The pioneering group from the first MRM User Seminar in Subic Bay, Philippines.