MRM In-House Train the Trainer at TIPCO Maritime

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Another successful MRM Train the Trainer event was held in Bangkok at the TIPCO Maritime Company Limited office on October 17, 2019. It was an in-house facilitator training requested by one of our newest MRM Licencee, TIPCO Maritime, which ALL Academy facilitated. The group of newly certified MRM Facilitators was composed of both seagoing personnel and shore-side management totaling to 18 participants. A good mix of people familiar with each other has made the discussions lively and created an atmosphere of open communication. As the event was organised at their office, it was a very convenient way to provide the training for the employees since they were in a familiar environment where they can be more open to learning. It was also much easier to have one person coming in and conducting the training rather than sending all of the participants to another venue. Some companies prefer this type of set-up and ALL Academy is always flexible to client’s request.

The following are the newly certified MRM Facilitators from TIPCO Maritime:

  1. Ramrong Chaisaeng
  2. Torsakun Chantri
  3. Tankiti Jumpakag
  4. Pakasit Kamsang
  5. Potpitak Kantaphongkhongdej
  6. Songwuth Kawmek
  7. Adiphong Montripro
  8. Nattakorn Ngamchitcharat
  9. Anut Noknoi
  10. Photchara Phankratok
  11. Nikiforos Pililis
  12. Sunti Sangphet-On
  13. Dominic Bernard Selvan
  14. Aphinun Senangnart
  15. Thant Sin
  16. Piturart Sinarun
  17. Phithak Sunghangwa
  18. Pichan Tamintorn

At the start of the session, Mr. Louis-Frederic Sachs gives an opening remarks.


The MRM Facilitators from TIPCO Maritime Co., Ltd. together with Mr. Martin Hernqvist.


BRM/MRM highlighted in Seaways

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“Attitudes speak louder than words”, as emphasised by Capt. Ed Verbeek in his article “BRM – back to the future?” published in Seaways, January 2019 edition. In the article, Capt. Verbeek, one of the first certified BRM Workshop Leaders, reflects on BRM and its development some 25 years after his initiation into “the wonderful world of BRM”.

The objectives and training concept of BRM (or MRM if you prefer) have not changed since BRM was launched in 1993. The focus remains on attitudes and behaviour and not on knowledge and skills, as opposed to technical training. The BRM/MRM facilitator should not teach and instruct, the facilitator should just lead the discussions so the participants find out for themselves what are appropriate behaviours in different situations. The participants should do most of the talking and if the voice of the facilitator is heard the majority of the time, “it might indicate that something is going wrong”.

Capt. Verbeek is worried that today’s BRM course has become “just another course” and deviated from how it was originally conceived. To put it on track again, we need to look back at the founding principles of the course.

To read the whole article, please click here or on the photo below. (The article is uploaded by kind permission and courtesy of Seaways.)

New Facilitators Certified at the MRM Frankfurt Event

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The MRM Facilitator training event in Frankfurt concluded with five (5) new facilitators certified after the course. The event which took place at the Fleming’s Express Hotel Frankfurt on the 8th of May 2019 was participated by 5 companies. The group had 3 active facilitators who joined for a refresher course which made the discussions interesting and dynamic. ALL Academy looks forward to the next MRM train the trainer event in Singapore!

The participants were:

  1. Geert Utterwulghe – DEME
  2. Daniel Duniec – Harren Shipping Services GmbH & Co. KG
  3. Satenik Grigorian – Harren Shipping Services GmbH & Co. KG
  4. Carina Witte – Harren Shipping Services GmbH & Co. KG
  5. Carlos B. Cal – Siport21
  6. Andrii Bondarenko – Topaz Energy and Marine
  7. Kostiantyn Zarudnii – Topaz Energy and Marine
  8. David Demey – VDAB

The latest batch gathered in Frankfurt for the MRM facilitator training. Here are the participants with Martin Hernqvist.

MRM Facilitator Event in Manila

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ALL Academy conducted another MRM Facilitator training on April 23, 2019 which was held at Holiday Inn Express in Manila. This is to accommodate the request of one of our training providers in the Philippines who wanted a few of their facilitators to undergo the training and be certified. As a result, another company sent their representatives to complete this training’s batch.

The participants were:

  1. Joey Ryan Abengona     PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  2. Bri-John Calulo               PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  3. John Mark Castano        Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  4. Michael Jay Enciso         Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  5. Jonathan Khent Santos Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  6. Renz Martin     Santos    Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  7. Paul Zamesa                    Southfield Agencies, Inc.

A group photo of the participants with Mr. Martin Hernqvist.

ALL Academy Conducts MRM Event in Singapore

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The MRM Facilitator training events are filling-up this year’s schedule for ALL Academy. The second train the trainer event for 2019 was conducted at the Furama RiverFront on February 21 where 9 participants were trained. The participants represented 4 companies with different backgrounds which made the discussions interesting during the training. ALL Academy is happy with the result of the event and is very thankful for the all-out support of its clients especially in Singapore. We are looking forward to more events in the area.

Here are the participants during the event in Singapore:

Name – Company/School
1.  Thet Oo Maung – APEX Ship Management Pte Ltd
2.  Ramakrishnan Thiyagarajan – Epic Gas
3.  Devesh Wagh – Epic Gas
4.  Yoon Chan Chong – ST Engineering Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
5.  Soo Shee Chow – ST Engineering Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
6.  Kee Yong Chan – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd
7.  Lee Chu Ning, Theresa – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd
8.  Sharon Lim – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd
9.  Choon Heng Wong – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd

The second batch of MRM train the trainer participants for 2019 at Furama RiverFront Singapore.

230 Participants Gathered for a Resource Management Seminar in Myanmar

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Mr. Martin Hernqvist took the center stage delivering a Resource Management seminar in Yangon, Myanmar to a full house audience. The seminar took place at the Meliá Hotel on Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 08.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Around 230 participants from various sectors of the Myanmar society (healthcare, maritime, aviation, law, universities etc) attended the event. The seminar could not have been made possible without Capt. San Win of Wallenius Marine in Singapore who took the initiative in making the seminar a reality and a success. Other important contributors were the 14 sponsors and the Department of Marine Administration (DMA) along with a large number of volunteers contributing to the success of the event. Everyone was very happy with the arrangements and the outcome of the seminar.

Participants pay close attention during the Resource Management Seminar in Yangon.


At the registration desk in Meliá Yangon Hotel while participants are arriving.


Event banner displayed at the entrance of the venue.

First MRM Event for 2019 Commences in Helsinki

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ALL Academy kicks-off its first MRM Facilitator Training event for the year in Helsinki, Finland on 15 January 2019 which was held at Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel. ALL Academy welcomed the Finnish Naval Academy as the newest MRM licencee on this occasion and alongside catering the need for MRM Facilitator training in Europe. The MRM events started to roll out quite early this year and during the event in Helsinki, a group of participants totaling to 16 with various background and experiences in the maritime branch were gathered. As always, the discussions were fruitful and the participants shared their views and exchanged ideas with each other. Events such as this is a good venue to get the new licencee onboard the MRM network.

Here is the list of participants:

           Name                                       Company/School

  1. Sebastian Roschier                 – ABB Marine Academy
  2. Kai Kantonen                           – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  3. Tiina Venäläinen                      – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  4. Kai Korolainen                         – Finnish Naval Academy
  5. Janne Lavonen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  6. Tommi Nilsson                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  7. Rieti Suuronen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  8. Veli-Joel Paananen                 – Southern-Finland University of Applied Sciences
  9. Anastasiia Smiaglikova         – Sovcomflot Training Center
  10. Jonas Alexandersson             – Swedish Maritime Administration
  11. Myroslav Chekmadeev          – Topaz Marine
  12. Dmytro Feyzullayev              –  Topaz Marine
  13. Serhii Kyreiev                          – Topaz Marine
  14. Igor Necajev                            – Topaz Marine
  15. Henrik Karlsson                     – Åland University of Applied Sciences
  16. Henrik Nordlund                   – Åland University of Applied Sciences

Participants taking notes and watching a video on Situation Awareness.


Group Photo taken during the MRM Facilitator Training in Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel.


Martin Hernqvist speaks at the Maritime Conference Myanmar

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Martin Hernqvist, Managing Director of ALL Academy, was invited to speak at the Maritime Conference Myanmar which was held on 15-16 November 2018 at Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon. The event was organised by Myanmar Nautical Association (MNA) and about 340 delegates attended the conference. During the event, Mr. Hernqvist’s presentation revolved around Maritime Resource Management.

Reading from the organisers’ post, the focus of the conference was on major insurance, regulation, environment and job opportunities for Myanmar seafarers, with a focus on how the industry has progressed in its technology adoption strategy, and what more needs to be done.

The conference was the first event ever organised within the maritime industry in Myanmar. The event brought together representatives from regional associations, government entities, shipowners, and major stakeholders with the aim of developing Myanmar’s maritime sector.

Mr. Hernqvist on stage during his presentation and discusses the Power Distance Index.


Delegates during the Maritime Conference Myanmar.


Mr. Hernqvist receiving a plaque after his presentation.


Mr. Hernqvist with his plaque of appreciation.


A photo opportunity for some of the delegates.

MRM Facilitator Training in Manila

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A well-participated MRM event was held on 25 October 2018 at Belmont Hotel Manila where a good mix of incoming MRM facilitators and refresher takers were gathered. Participants coming from ship management, crewing/manning agencies and maritime institutions from the Philippines and neighboring countries went through the MRM train the trainer course.

Here is the list of participants:

1. Luis Garfin III – ASP Crew Management
2. Nepritariel Genilo – GigaMare Inc.
3. Spyros Kazazis – Ionic Shipping (Mgt) Inc.
4. Albert Bartilad – Manship Maritime Training Center, Inc.
5. Himadri S. Ghosh – MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd
6. Nazarudin Ramzan Ali – MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd
7. Ruben Rosal – MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd
8. Aris Amado R. Dolot – NYK-TDG Training Center
9. James Cuevas – OSM Crew Management Ltd.
10. Ma. Carolina Layug – OSM Crew Management Ltd.
11. Felicisimo Gapusan – Seaspan
12. Reynaldo Cataulin – Southfield Maritime Training Foundation Inc.
13. Louis-Frederic Sachs – Tipco Maritime Co. Ltd.
14. Dominic Bernard Selvan – Tipco Maritime Co. Ltd.
15. Florence Nicolas – United Marine Training Center, Inc.
16. Isaias Despi Jr. – United Marine Training Center, Inc.

Participants gathered for a photo opportunity just outside the conference hall.


MRM Facilitator training participants share their experiences during group discussions.


A view of the venue.

MAIB reports lack of pilot and Master communication on CMA CGM Centaurus Jebel Ali berth collision

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The recent release of MAIB’s report on the collision that occurred on 04 May 2017 involving containership CMA CGM Centaurus and the berth at Jebel Ali port in Dubai highlighted a few important MRM principles. The lack of Master and Pilot communication was just one of them. In the report, it also stated that the pilot-bridge interaction was kept to minimum therefore making it difficult for the master to actively engage in the act of pilotage. There was no shared mental picture for both the pilot and the bridge staff giving no chance for a healthy challenge and response environment.

MAIB remarked: “It is imperative that pilots and ships’ bridge teams work together and implement the best practices of Bridge Resource Management to ensure the safety of both ships and ports.”

Here is the link to read more about the report: