ALL Academy International AB is an independent training development company primarily involved in human factors and resource management training programmes. ALL Academy is the company behind the Maritime Resource Management (MRM)™ training programme that has become the industry standard for resource management training.
Primary users of MRM are maritime universities and training centres, ship owners, ship managers, manning agencies, pilot associations, marine insurers and P&I Clubs. The MRM network is the maritime industry’s largest network in the human factors area and MRM training is today available in 35 countries worldwide.



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Using MRM is the most efficient way of meeting the STCW requirements for Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and Engine-room Resource Management (ERM).

ALL Academy staff were involved in the development of the first BRM course in the early 1990s and this field has been our passion and area of expertise ever since.

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Year end MRM Train the Trainer in Singapore

| Maritime Resource Management (MRM), Train the trainer | No Comments

The Academy culminated the calendar year 2019 with an MRM train the trainer event in Singapore. During this course, a small group of five people from three companies gathered to…

MRM Train the Trainer in Piraeus

| Maritime Resource Management (MRM), Train the trainer | No Comments

The recently concluded MRM train the trainer in Piraeus, Greece got positive responses from the participants from six different companies. There were a total of 13 participants with various background…

MRM In-House Train the Trainer at TIPCO Maritime

| Maritime Resource Management (MRM), Train the trainer | No Comments

Another successful MRM Train the Trainer event was held in Bangkok at the TIPCO Maritime Company Limited office on October 17, 2019. It was an in-house facilitator training requested by…

BRM/MRM highlighted in Seaways

| Bridge Resource Management, Maritime Resource Management (MRM) | No Comments

“Attitudes speak louder than words”, as emphasised by Capt. Ed Verbeek in his article “BRM – back to the future?” published in Seaways, January 2019 edition. In the article, Capt….

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