Zeaborn Ship Management hosts a 2-day in-house MRM train the trainer course

Zeaborn Ship Management, one of our newest MRM licencees, hosted a 2-day in-house MRM train the trainer course at their headquarters in Hamburg, Germany on February 6-7, 2020. This shows a strong commitment from its management to implement MRM from top to bottom and an inspiration to its employees to be more proactive and to continuously contribute in minimising accidents and incidents on-board and even at the shore side. The event highlighted case studies where participants discussed what went wrong and how would the incidents/accidents could have been avoided. There was a good mix of participants coming from the shore-side management and officers working on-board that made the discussions interesting.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks Zeaborn Ship Management for hosting a successful MRM event!

The following participated in the event:

  1. Remigiusz Dybizbanski
  2. Simon Hinsen
  3. Torsten Iborg
  4. Christian Lederer
  5. Boris Nebendahl
  6. Vitaliy Polyakov
  7. Livia Rauca
  8. Shane Rozario
  9. Kamil Cyprian Rożniatowski
  10. Björn-Hendrik Salecker
  11. Patrick Schwinke
  12. Björn Siewers
  13. Christian Vogel

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