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MRM In-House Train the Trainer at TIPCO Maritime

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Another successful MRM Train the Trainer event was held in Bangkok at the TIPCO Maritime Company Limited office on October 17, 2019. It was an in-house facilitator training requested by one of our newest MRM Licencee, TIPCO Maritime, which ALL Academy facilitated. The group of newly certified MRM Facilitators was composed of both seagoing personnel and shore-side management totaling to 18 participants. A good mix of people familiar with each other has made the discussions lively and created an atmosphere of open communication. As the event was organised at their office, it was a very convenient way to provide the training for the employees since they were in a familiar environment where they can be more open to learning. It was also much easier to have one person coming in and conducting the training rather than sending all of the participants to another venue. Some companies prefer this type of set-up and ALL Academy is always flexible to client’s request.

The following are the newly certified MRM Facilitators from TIPCO Maritime:

  1. Ramrong Chaisaeng
  2. Torsakun Chantri
  3. Tankiti Jumpakag
  4. Pakasit Kamsang
  5. Potpitak Kantaphongkhongdej
  6. Songwuth Kawmek
  7. Adiphong Montripro
  8. Nattakorn Ngamchitcharat
  9. Anut Noknoi
  10. Photchara Phankratok
  11. Nikiforos Pililis
  12. Sunti Sangphet-On
  13. Dominic Bernard Selvan
  14. Aphinun Senangnart
  15. Thant Sin
  16. Piturart Sinarun
  17. Phithak Sunghangwa
  18. Pichan Tamintorn

At the start of the session, Mr. Louis-Frederic Sachs gives an opening remarks.


The MRM Facilitators from TIPCO Maritime Co., Ltd. together with Mr. Martin Hernqvist.


MRM Facilitator Event in Manila

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ALL Academy conducted another MRM Facilitator training on April 23, 2019 which was held at Holiday Inn Express in Manila. This is to accommodate the request of one of our training providers in the Philippines who wanted a few of their facilitators to undergo the training and be certified. As a result, another company sent their representatives to complete this training’s batch.

The participants were:

  1. Joey Ryan Abengona     PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  2. Bri-John Calulo               PHILCAMSAT Inc.
  3. John Mark Castano        Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  4. Michael Jay Enciso         Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  5. Jonathan Khent Santos Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  6. Renz Martin     Santos    Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  7. Paul Zamesa                    Southfield Agencies, Inc.

A group photo of the participants with Mr. Martin Hernqvist.