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First MRM Event for 2019 Commences in Helsinki

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ALL Academy kicks-off its first MRM Facilitator Training event for the year in Helsinki, Finland on 15 January 2019 which was held at Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel. ALL Academy welcomed the Finnish Naval Academy as the newest MRM licencee on this occasion and alongside catering the need for MRM Facilitator training in Europe. The MRM events started to roll out quite early this year and during the event in Helsinki, a group of participants totaling to 16 with various background and experiences in the maritime branch were gathered. As always, the discussions were fruitful and the participants shared their views and exchanged ideas with each other. Events such as this is a good venue to get the new licencee onboard the MRM network.

Here is the list of participants:

           Name                                       Company/School

  1. Sebastian Roschier                 – ABB Marine Academy
  2. Kai Kantonen                           – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  3. Tiina Venäläinen                      – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  4. Kai Korolainen                         – Finnish Naval Academy
  5. Janne Lavonen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  6. Tommi Nilsson                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  7. Rieti Suuronen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  8. Veli-Joel Paananen                 – Southern-Finland University of Applied Sciences
  9. Anastasiia Smiaglikova         – Sovcomflot Training Center
  10. Jonas Alexandersson             – Swedish Maritime Administration
  11. Myroslav Chekmadeev          – Topaz Marine
  12. Dmytro Feyzullayev              –  Topaz Marine
  13. Serhii Kyreiev                          – Topaz Marine
  14. Igor Necajev                            – Topaz Marine
  15. Henrik Karlsson                     – Åland University of Applied Sciences
  16. Henrik Nordlund                   – Åland University of Applied Sciences

Participants taking notes and watching a video on Situation Awareness.


Group Photo taken during the MRM Facilitator Training in Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel.


MAIB reports lack of pilot and Master communication on CMA CGM Centaurus Jebel Ali berth collision

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The recent release of MAIB’s report on the collision that occurred on 04 May 2017 involving containership CMA CGM Centaurus and the berth at Jebel Ali port in Dubai highlighted a few important MRM principles. The lack of Master and Pilot communication was just one of them. In the report, it also stated that the pilot-bridge interaction was kept to minimum therefore making it difficult for the master to actively engage in the act of pilotage. There was no shared mental picture for both the pilot and the bridge staff giving no chance for a healthy challenge and response environment.

MAIB remarked: “It is imperative that pilots and ships’ bridge teams work together and implement the best practices of Bridge Resource Management to ensure the safety of both ships and ports.”

Here is the link to read more about the report:

GDPR Update

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Your personal integrity and our handling of your personal information is important to us. On May 25, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will begin in Sweden and the rest of the EU. In connection with this, we have updated our Privacy Policy. Below we briefly describe the biggest changes.

We have made it clearer how we treat your personal data and what rights you have as a user and what obligations we have as a company.

You will find our updated Privacy Policy here.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to our updated Privacy Policy, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

Successful gathering at BSM for MRM train the trainer

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The MRM Facilitator training event at BSM Maritime Training Centre on 26 April 2018 has successfully concluded with 17 participants representing 11 organisations. There was a good mix of participants which contributed to a fruitful discussion during the sessions. ALL Academy would like to thank all the participating organisations especially Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement for hosting this event and for the support given to the MRM programme.

Here is the list of the participants:

Name                                                           Company/Organization

  1. Anand   Dalela                                Anglo-Eastern Ship Management
  2. Edmundo Cadacio                         Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  3. Rick Palmes                                    Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  4. Amando Santosidad                      Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  5. Rolieto Tamayo                              Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  6. Choi Hoonsik                                  COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd.
  7. Marlon Tobias                                COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd.
  8. Jarkko Mattila                                 GigaMare, Inc.
  9. Dennis  Desabille                           Grieg Star Philippines
  10. Archimedes Madarang                 Grieg Star Philippines
  11. Wei Zhang Ming                             De Maritime Training Centre
  12. Joseph  Lomibao                            PB Maritime Personnel, Inc.
  13. Olegario Reyes                               PB Maritime Personnel, Inc.
  14. Katepoom Pasvoravit                    Precious Shipping Public Company Limited
  15. Royston Wee Pheng Tan               PSA Marine Pte Ltd
  16. Thaddeus Bonghanoy                   Reederei NSB Buxtehude Germany
  17. Dean Baes                                       Southfield Maritime Training Foundation Inc.

A welcome banner for the participants.


Martin Hernqvist presents the agenda to the participants.


One of the participants share his experience in resource management.


Challenge and Response is one of the important topics during the train the trainer.


Here are the newly certified MRM Facilitators together with the refresher takers and lead facilitator Martin Hernqvist.

Tärntank Invites ALL Academy in Manila

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Tärntank Ship Management AB, an award winning tanker shipping company, has invited ALL Academy to their annual in-house Officer’s Meeting on January 28, 2016 at the Tärntank Manila Office in Makati, Philippines. A one-day course was facilitated by ALL Academy which focused on “Challenge and Response”, one of the vital concepts/teachings in the MRM Programme. Tärntank has a very good mix of officers and crew coming from the Philippines, East Europe and Scandinavia. Therefore with the mixed cultures working together onboard, comes a need to establish an open communication where they can challenge each other and respond to challenges positively in order to increase safety. Accident reports often show that making challenges and responding to them is a major weakness in communication. In some cultures, people are sometimes uncomfortable in questioning or challenging a superior’s decision and tend to just keep it to themselves even if they should have challenged his/her superior who committed an error.

As Tärntank aims to constantly improve its vessels and to ensure that all its employees can work safely and effectively, seminars and conferences are frequently organized by the company to equip its employees with necessary soft-skills trainings such as the MRM programme.

The objective of the course is to help the participants recognise the importance of establishing a Challenge and Response environment onboard to increase safety and also to help them recognise that the whole team is involved in Challenge and Response. There was a good interaction among the participants where they shared their own experiences and also they were able to learn from their colleagues’ perspective on challenge and response. In attendance were Filipino officers, crewing staff from the local office, and also Dick Höglund (Financial Manager), Niklas Johansson (Personnel Manager) and Artis Ozols (Safety Manager) all 3 coming from their headquarters in Sweden.

Terntank's Personnel Manager, Niklas Johansson, gives a short introduction just before the seminar started.

Tärntank’s Personnel Manager, Niklas Johansson, gives a short introduction just before the seminar started. (In the photo are: Artis Ozols and Martin Hernqvist).


Participants and the facilitator listen while one of their colleagues shares his opinion during the open forum.

Participants and the facilitator listen while one of the officers shares his opinion during the open forum.


Terntank Officers and Shore Side Staff from Sweden gathered for a group photo with Martin Hernqvist.

Tärntank Officers and Shore Side Staff from Sweden gathered for a group photo with Martin Hernqvist from ALL Academy.


ALL Academy's Martin Hernqvist together with Terntank's Shore Side Managers, Artis Ozols (Safety), Dick Höglund (Financial) and Niklas Johansson (Personnel) enjoy a casual discussion after the seminar was over.

ALL Academy’s Martin Hernqvist together with Tärntank’s Shore Side Managers, Artis Ozols (Safety), Dick Höglund (Financial) and Niklas Johansson (Personnel) enjoy a casual discussion after the seminar was over.