Obtaining an MRM Licence

First, have you read what MRM is all about? If not, click here.

The following are the standard requirements when conducting MRM trainings:

  • You will need a suitable training room for up to 12 participants. Space enough for u-shaped seating arrangement. The room should have good lighting (preferably natural light), good ventilation and be quiet and comfortable.
  • You will also need a computer, a computer projector and internet access in the training room. The computer based training (CBT) part will be delivered via the web, or a CD if internet connection is poor.
  • A flip chart or a white board could be useful.
  • You will need to have one or more people within your organization suitable as MRM Facilitators. These do not have to be mariners – they shall not instruct, they will facilitate the discussions. With the MRM training material that we provide, anyone who is interested in meeting with other people, listening to them and enjoy seeing people grow and develop, may deliver an MRM training session that will produce results.

*If the above requirements doesn’t suit your current set-up, please contact ALL Academy.

If you meet the requirements, please contact ALL Academy on info@allacademy.com, request a copy of the MRM Licence and Support Agreement and read through. If you would like to proceed, the following would be the process:

  1. Provide ALL Academy with the contact details needed for page 4 and Appendix B of the agreement. We will also need your logotype in a commonly used picture format, such as jpg, gif or png. The logotype will be inserted in your training material.
  2. An agreement updated with your contact details will be sent over for signing.
  3. An invoice covering the start-up fee and the annual licence and support fee will be issued. The annual fee will be calculated from the date when MRM training may commence. This is usually when your MRM Facilitator(s) have been trained and certified.
  4. Training and certification of MRM Facilitators. These events are advertised here. If dates and locations of these events are not suitable, or if you are in urgent need of training, you may wish to go for Train the Trainer Online.
  5. When your MRM Facilitator candidates have successfully completed their training, we will set up their personal accounts for the MRM course web, send them their login details and training may commence. That’s it!

We would be pleased to hear from you on info@allacademy.com. Welcome to contact us!