Azalea Maritime uses MRM to its full potential

Why separate people in training who work together on board? We don’t think that’s a good idea and this is in fact the main reason we moved from the “old” term Bridge Resource Management (BRM) to Maritime Resource Management (MRM) long time ago now. Martin Hernqvist of ALL Academy, who personally was involved in the development of the first ever BRM course in the early 1990s, admits the term BRM was a dead end.

The benefits of bringing all people together in resource management training was clearly demonstrated by Azalea Maritime in Montenegro during an MRM course carried out in early November 2017. In an article published after the course, Azalea Maritime says:

“The approach to integrate all the resources involved in the maritime business of safe ship operation which started with the integration of the bridge, engine and cargo team into one single team, has proven to be more effective than having these teams in separate trainings.”

Furthermore; “The feedback from all parties involved (trainees, Principal representatives, etc.) was very positive. The training exceeded their expectations based on usual requirements set in resource management courses found elsewhere. All the team members had previously attended resource management training on several occasions, but never experienced the cooperation/common problem solving that all the teams achieved during this Maritime Resource Management.”

Azalea Maritime made extensive use of simulators during the MRM course. Using simulators may help in the implementation of the message of the course but is not a requirement. Click here or on the picture for the full article.


  • jcesar says:

    Everybody knows the importance of accurates Words for the clear concepts and so real mental model and competence on any field.

    Ever was clear the diferencies amongs brm, Brm, btm …….untill postruth arriving, generating a innecesary confusión on the field ( soup of letter), and now again is necesary sayng the obvious and the evidence explayning

    One of main brm and hhrr managent objetives is acuracy puting clearence concepts and suficient awareness for effective-safety and operatives decisión making.

    The BRM Is a practical training in technic and human resources management competencies for maritime enviroment safety and bridge resources management, based on denmostratIon, exercice and practice metodology for competencies application. ( competencial model)

    The MRM is a generic and theoric formacion programe in human resources issue (interpersonal comunication., awareness, workload……) not maritime resources management ( ships , tugs, machines, ports, cargos…..) , based on information, explannations, debats,…..for attituds formation (theorical & complacence -not competence model)

    One can skip one step and believe that people without basics will care about safety.

  • jcesar says:

    Apreciates friends and colleguies;

    The postruth culture has spreaded the erratic concept and hazardous thoghts that makes us to believe that any things are valids for everything, for everybody, for any where and time, for every works and funciones, for any organizations and Professional enviroments, for any activities and echonomics sectors, doit by anyone with formal certificate($), allthout they dont knows nothing about psychology, neither Human factors & resoucerces management, (for a while they learning about this matier in willkipedia ) all for greater god’s glory and inventary’s benéfit (placebo or complacent effect )
    when actualy human factors and resources management more even training it, is one of most dificult matier to knows and training that it requaire at least the same tráiner’s competencies than he try to others training. (complacen effect.)

    Trapping and dont disaminating errors is the main misión of BRM and Human resources managemt


  • JCesar says:

    The eternal illusion that offen reborn in the human soul is near to be a reality ( A Morois)

    Like all dreamers I confused the disenchantment with the truth. ( J. P. Sartre)

    Because The word is free, the action muda, and the obedience blind ( F. Shiller)

    Never God would have conquered the great public without devil helpness ( Jean Cocteau)

    But Time bringing to light all is hidden and cover that with splendor now shine. ( in pos-true times)

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