The latest findings of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on the EL FARO case which was recently published highlighted one of the important concepts of MRM which is Challenge and Response. Despite the suggestions of other officers on three occasions that the ship should change course, the Captain ignored these suggestions.

“We may never understand why the captain failed to heed his crew’s concerns about sailing into the path of a hurricane, or why he refused to chart a safer course away from such dangerous weather,” said NTSB Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt.  “But we know all too well the devastating consequences of those decisions.”

To read the NTSB text, click here.


  • j.cesar garcía says:

    Because challenge and response, like others human factors training and BRM competencies are not concepts explanations, or debats, attitudes or easy conseilles (MRM) (neither CBT, neither smarthphones…with) , than accuracy knowledges, technical, psychological and social skills, with competent behaviours and proper habitudes, valours and valor ( as trainees as trainer ) in the maritime and operational safety enviroment. All these trained with a proper practical methodology (not theorical), real proffesional trainers on the field (human factors & psychological resources, and marines resources management). and not any body can do it.
    The other is a socio-cultural animation and shared error and extended complacency.

    So, saying that all is question of MRM attituds formation is a big and azardhous error that could gets complacency but not competency; fallacy and shared error that giving a certainty feeling; the people prefer the error´s certainty than the truth´s uncertainty- ( post-truth culture), and then many evitables accidents. The human error is ever of a symptome of a deeper problem

    All we are ignorants but no everybody ignore the same ( Einstein)

  • JCesar says:

    Time brings to light all is hidden, and covers everything that with splendor now shines (Quinto Horacio Flaco)

  • JCesar says:

    Friends and colleagues

    One more time for saying that the maritime safety and professional responssability don´t permit any kind of errors. One more time for saying that formation/ training are not courses than changing process, are not modules or relative theoretics topics than achieving learning objetives; are not complacency than competency formation /training. It´s say, talking about the time is not to be time control competence (illusion ).

    So the Ch & Response, like other BRM topics and human resources technics ( even maritime resources tecnics) requires the know how competence training ( competence model) not theoretics advisements (complacents model); it´s say what, how, when,where, who with….applying; trained in a practical methodology by a competent trainer in the respective fields ( maritime & nautical competence, and human or psychological resources competence). Making to believe the contraire ( attitude is enhought ) only can to take a easier and wider diffusion but not better formation ( hidden and malware reasons of the post-true culture).

    All by the maritime quality- safety cause

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