First MRM Event for 2019 Commences in Helsinki

By January 16, 2019February 15th, 2019Train the trainer

ALL Academy kicks-off its first MRM Facilitator Training event for the year in Helsinki, Finland on 15 January 2019 which was held at Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel. ALL Academy welcomed the Finnish Naval Academy as the newest MRM licencee on this occasion and alongside catering the need for MRM Facilitator training in Europe. The MRM events started to roll out quite early this year and during the event in Helsinki, a group of participants totaling to 16 with various background and experiences in the maritime branch were gathered. As always, the discussions were fruitful and the participants shared their views and exchanged ideas with each other. Events such as this is a good venue to get the new licencee onboard the MRM network.

Here is the list of participants:

           Name                                       Company/School

  1. Sebastian Roschier                 – ABB Marine Academy
  2. Kai Kantonen                           – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  3. Tiina Venäläinen                      – Maritime E.S.B.H.
  4. Kai Korolainen                         – Finnish Naval Academy
  5. Janne Lavonen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  6. Tommi Nilsson                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  7. Rieti Suuronen                        – Finnish Naval Academy
  8. Veli-Joel Paananen                 – Southern-Finland University of Applied Sciences
  9. Anastasiia Smiaglikova         – Sovcomflot Training Center
  10. Jonas Alexandersson             – Swedish Maritime Administration
  11. Myroslav Chekmadeev          – Topaz Marine
  12. Dmytro Feyzullayev              –  Topaz Marine
  13. Serhii Kyreiev                          – Topaz Marine
  14. Igor Necajev                            – Topaz Marine
  15. Henrik Karlsson                     – Åland University of Applied Sciences
  16. Henrik Nordlund                   – Åland University of Applied Sciences

Participants taking notes and watching a video on Situation Awareness.


Group Photo taken during the MRM Facilitator Training in Scandic Helsinki Airport Hotel.


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