The Marine Notice on Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and Expected Action of Bridge Team in Australian Pilotage Waters has been issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on their website. This is to remind seafarers, shipowners/operators and pilots of the importance of well-planned Bridge Resource Management (BRM) to support safe navigation and minimise the potential of incidents and accidents in the area.

The notice mentioned a set of vital operational tasks that need to be considered during preparation of the passage plan. It also included a reminder on what the role of the Masters will be when the vessel is under pilotage.

This notice is a very good reminder to everyone in the maritime branch where it highlights the important aspects of BRM like “Challenge and Response” techniques, “Shared Mental Model” and “Closed-loop communications”.

To read more about the Marine Notice, please click on the following PDF File and you can also visit AMSA’s website at


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