VDAB hosts MRM Train the Trainer in Zeebrugge

On 28 November 2015, VDAB Maritieme Opleidingen successfully hosted an MRM Train the Trainer event where a total of 15 maritime practitioners coming from seven different companies actively participated. The one-day training took place at VDAB in Zeebrugge, Belgium in which Mr. Martin Hernqvist from ALL Academy was the main facilitator. There was a lively discussion among the participants regarding different issues concerning leadership and communication onboard the vessels with an emphasis on the master-pilot relationship. A good mix of people with different backgrounds who were very eager to learn and share new ideas contributed to the success of the training.

New MRM Facilitators pose for a group photo.


The following were the participants in the event:

  1. Andrei Kharchanka – BBC Chartering GmbH
  2. Covadonga Suárez Antón – Centre Jovellanos
  3. Michiel Vader – Netherlands Loodswezen
  4. Marcel Van der Horst – Netherlands Loodswezen
  5. Ville Patrikainen – P&O Ferries
  6. Ninna Roos – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  7. Martti Simojoki – Wallenius Marine
  8. Loes Baert – VDAB Zeebrugge
  9. Miguel Debal – VDAB Zeebrugge
  10. Eric De Clercq – VDAB Zeebrugge
  11. Pierre Geselle – VDAB Zeebrugge
  12. Peter Neyts – VDAB Zeebrugge
  13. Olivier Vanthuyne – VDAB Zeebrugge
  14. Karl Verhaegen – VDAB Zeebrugge
  15. Thomas Verworst – VDAB Zeebrugge
  16. Melissa Vlietinck – VDAB Zeebrugge

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