Erik Thun AB’s Company Days Culminate with an MRM Seminar

By September 15, 2017September 19th, 2017ALL Academy, Seminars/Conferences

The recently concluded 2-day Company Days of Erik Thun AB culminated with a half-day MRM seminar which was held at Stadshotellet Lidköping on 14 September 2017. The event was participated by both sea-going staff and shore-based personnel and management with an approximate total of 50 participants.

During the last day of the event, Martin Hernqvist of ALL Academy talked about Maritime Resource Management and the important issues addressed by MRM that are familiar to the Maritime industry. The seminar was well received by the participants and ALL Academy is thankful for the opportunity to share the MRM concept.

Deputy Managing Director Johan Källsson of Erik Thun AB speaks before the participants of the Company Days. Behind him is Henrik Källsson, also Deputy Managing Director of the company.


Sea-going personnel and shore-side staff and management during the Thunbolaget Company Days.


Participants carefully listen during the MRM presentation of ALL Academy as part of Erik Thun AB’s Company Days programme.


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