ALL Academy launches MRM Facilitator Training Online

ALL Academy is pleased to announce the launch of MRM Facilitator Training Online. This is an additional service to complement our regular MRM Train the Trainer events held at various locations worldwide. The online training will be particularly useful to MRM Facilitator candidates when dates and locations of regular events are not suitable or when in urgent need of training. Please click here for more information and registration.


  • udaya karalliyadde says:

    Maritime Resource Management (MRM)™
    Pls advice how to do on-line also advice who will issue the certificate

    • ALL Academy says:

      Dear Udaya,
      The course that we have just launched is an online “train the trainer” course for prospective MRM Facilitators. You’ll need to work for a licensed MRM training provider and you should be appointed by your company/school to join their pool of MRM Facilitators. It is a quick and easy process to register for the course and take the course. You’ll need a computer/tablet, internet connection and set aside time for the training. More details and the registration form are found here
      The MRM Facilitator Certificate will be issued by ALL Academy, same issuer as for the regular train the trainer events.
      Kind regards,
      ALL Academy

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