MRM Facilitator Training Online

Through MRM Facilitator Training Online, ALL Academy offers a flexible alternative for MRM Facilitator candidates who cannot attend our regular events. The online training should be considered a complement to the regular events when dates and locations are not suitable or when in urgent need of training. Important parts of MRM training are discussions and sharing of experiences. This is valid also for the MRM Facilitator training. Since this cannot be achieved when doing MRM Facilitator Training Online, participation in future MRM User Seminars are especially important for MRM Facilitators who have done their training online. However, there are benefits as well. Candidates can take the course whenever they want and wherever they are. Online training may also save quite some time and expenses for travel and accommodation. To enrol for the online training, candidates must work for a licensed MRM Training Provider.

Online course fee: USD 500 (Inclusive of MRM Facilitator certification and an MRM Course Web account.)

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