Tärntank Ship Management reinforces MRM at officer conference

Maritime Resource Management seminar for Tärntank Ship Management on 18 September 2013. Photo taken upon arrival to Styrsö Bratten.

Just arrived to the island of Styrsö for Tärntank Ship Management’s officer conference. Autumn has arrived too.

For successful implementation of MRM, refresher training is of utmost importance. This is something that Tärntank Ship Management is well aware of and for that reason MRM was a key topic once again at the company’s annual officer conferences. The first of two such conferences this year was held on 18-20 September 2013 and we had the pleasure of attending the first day with a follow-up of our “Introduction to MRM” seminar first delivered for Tärntank in 2011.

Starting off with MRM at occasions like these is usually very good. MRM aims at establishing efficient teamwork and communication – not just between people onboard, also between ship and shore. MRM therefore creates a good platform at officer conferences ensuring that there is a good, open and constructive dialogue between all participants throughout the conference.

Tärntank’s conference took place on the island of Styrsö, the closest island to Donsö island where Tärntank Ship Management is located. Donsö is a small island with about 1,400 permanent inhabitants but despite its size, there are about ten shipping companies on Donsö active in tanker shipping in the product and chemicals sectors. There are no cars on the island, people drive flatbed mopeds and electric golf carts. Huge contrasts indeed, being in Shanghai one week and on these islands the next. So many differences but the shipping companies’ strive for quality the same. But the quality of life on these islands is hard to beat.

Dinner at restaurant Styrsö Skäret following the Maritime Resource Management seminar on 18 September 2013.

Tärntank Ship Management’s seagoing officers and office staff gathered for dinner at restaurant Styrsö Skäret on 18 September 2013.

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