ALL Academy International AB is an independent training development company primarily involved in human factors and resource management training programmes. ALL Academy is the company behind the Maritime Resource Management (MRM)™ training programme that has become the industry standard for resource management training.
Primary users of MRM are maritime universities and training centres, ship owners, ship managers, manning agencies, pilot associations, marine insurers and P&I Clubs. The MRM network is the maritime industry’s largest network in the human factors area and MRM training is today available in 35 countries worldwide.



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Using MRM is the most efficient way of meeting the STCW requirements for Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and Engine-room Resource Management (ERM).

ALL Academy staff were involved in the development of the first BRM course in the early 1990s and this field has been our passion and area of expertise ever since.

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Warm welcoming atmosphere in Italy

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As part of ALL Academy’s goal to reach out to our colleagues in the maritime industry and to disseminate information about what the Maritime Resource Management programme is all about, a half-day…

The Swedish Club Academy hosts MRM Train the Trainer Event

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With the summer holidays already fast approaching, another MRM Train the Trainer event was successfully conducted in Gothenburg. The event took place at The Swedish Club Academy on 31 May…

Come and join us in Italy

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ALL Academy will conduct a back-to-back MRM seminar in Naples and Genoa on June 21 and June 22, 2016, respectively. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network…

The AMSA Marine Notice 11/2016 on BRM

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The Marine Notice on Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and Expected Action of Bridge Team in Australian Pilotage Waters has been issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on their website….

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“The resource management principles and training tools are applicable to any industry, organization, team or individual who has safety, efficiency and job satisfaction as top priorities.”

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