ALL Academy Travels to the Pacific to Meet with Interislander

Our MRM Facilitator Training broke new ground in many areas first by starting the new year off by having our first Facilitator Event in South Africa and later in the year by having a Facilitator Event for the first time in Wellington, New Zealand. In this case, ALL Academy got a special request from Interislander who hosted the MRM Train the Trainer Course for an internal group of 12. The event was held at Interislander’s office in Wellington on 08 October 2015. It was a successful event with engaged participants contributing to insightful discussions during this one day event. Thanks to Interislander for hosting this event and for helping to make our first event in New Zealand a memorable training experience.

Here is the list of participants from the event:

  1. Jonathan Birdsall – Interislander
  2. Chris Driver – Interislander
  3. Brian Dunleavy – Interislander
  4. Sjoerd Gorter – Interislander
  5. Harkesh Grover – Interislander
  6. Paul James – Interislander
  7. Ulrich Jurgens – Interislander
  8. James Mariner – Interislander
  9. Tim Marsden – Interislander
  10. Nelson Quirante – Interislander
  11. William Wilkinson – Interislander
  12. Darryl Wolff – Interislander
A lovely shot of an Interislander Ferry on voyage.

A lovely shot of an Interislander Ferry on voyage.

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