PSAM Academy in Singapore Hosts MRM Facilitator Training Event

PSAM Academy hosted a MRM Facilitator Training Course on 6 October 2015 at their institution in Singapore. A total of 22 participants attended the training course which composed of prospective facilitators and already certified facilitators who took the course as a refresher. This event did not only gave PSAM Academy the chance to increase their number of in-house trained facilitators but it also gave other companies in the area the chance to do the same.  Having more than one or several Certified Facilitators gives companies more possibilities for holding MRM courses and does not limit the courses to one person’s schedule or availability.

ALL Academy is grateful for the support that PSAM Academy has given to the MRM Programme!

List of participants from the event:

  1. Filip Van Gutte – Antwerp Maritime Academy
  2. Rohit Chitkara – Columbia Shipmanagement
  3. Dante Jerusalem – Columbia Shipmanagement
  4. Lin Hu – Columbia Shipmanagement
  5. Taj Mohamed – Columbia Shipmanagement
  6. Syed Mazhar Mohsin Naqvi – Columbia Shipmanagement
  7. Ruben Oggel – Columbia Shipmanagement
  8. Chow Ming Wong – Maritime Services Training Institute
  9. Sebastian Cardozo – Precious Shipping Company Ltd
  10. Ashraf Mullaji – Precious Shipping Company Ltd
  11. Narong Phukaeophuek – Precious Shipping Company Ltd
  12. Nares Singsa-ard – Precious Shipping Company Ltd
  13. Phillip Anand Rajoo – PSAM Academy
  14. Suwandi Bin Ismail – PSAM Academy
  15. Azman Bin Saini – PSAM Academy
  16. Perh Did Huat – PSAM Academy
  17. Soong Hooi Mun – PSAM Academy
  18. Mabel Hu – PSAM Academy
  19. Chan Yew Hock – PSAM Academy
  20. Mohamed Zamil Nair – PSAM Academy
  21. Nyi Nyi Than Moe – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd
  22. San Win – Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte Ltd
The MRM Group  at the PSAM Academy Lounge during the Facilitator training event in Singapore.

The MRM Group at the PSAM Academy Lounge during the Facilitator training event in Singapore.

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