MRM Event in Hamburg

ALL Academy goes to Hamburg, Germany on 23 September 2015 for another MRM Train the Trainer event. We have the pleasure to be hosted by MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg. The MRM events in Europe are always popular and fill up quickly. This is because it allows companies from many different countries around Europe to come together without having  to travel far. This event like many others was a attended by several different companies making the event diversified and often raises interesting issues. When several different companies come together, the company’s differences also bring attention their many similarities and what it is that all of the companies have in common.

List of participants from the event:

  1. Alejandro Justiniani – Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement
  2. Reza Akbari Alashti – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
  3. Jan Dethlefsen – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
  4. Faouzi Fradi – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
  5. Marvin Hollje – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
  6. Oskar Maro – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd
  7. Christis Roussos – Colombia Shipmanagement Ltd
  8. Martin Finnberg – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  9. Ilja Franzen – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  10. Clemens Hermsmeyer – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  11. Donatus Kulisch – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  12. Marc Petrikowski – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  13. Kurt Steuer – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  14. Jan Stöck – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  15. Eckart Wilharm – Hamburg Port Services GmbH
  16. Cees de Groot – Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz”
  17. Marios Antoniou – Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd
  18. Andreas Potamitis – Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd
  19. Armin Cloodt – MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH
  20. Andreas Hartmann – MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH
  21. Norbert Büttner – Reederei NSB
  22. Yuriy Zakharov – Seaspan Ship Management Ltd
  23. Oleksii Chepok – Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd
Group photo taken inside the MTC Hamburg office where the MRM Facilitator Training event took place.

Group photo taken inside the MTC Hamburg office where the MRM Facilitator Training event took place.


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