Global Resource Management (GRM)

Global Resource Management (GRM) officially launched

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CRM, BRM, ERM, MRM and now… GRM?! Is this just adding to the confusion or are we finally taking the step we sooner or later had to take? For us the answer is clear. Even if the course names and target groups of these courses are different, the contents and aims are very similar. Human factors is a generic science area and therefore applicable to anyone. To move forward, we are now officially launching “Global Resource Management (GRM)”. GRM is an updated resource management course aimed at all people, companies and industries who have safety, efficiency and job satisfaction as main priorities. For shipping companies who wish to train the whole organisation, GRM will be a useful tool.

As of now, we will most of the time use the term “GRM”. If you prefer to use another term, it’s not a big deal. Similarly, if you need a certificate labelled MRM, ERM or BRM, the GRM course material can still be used for the training and we’ll provide a training certificate template that will cater for all options.

Furthermore, training providers in the maritime industry will be pleased to note that the updated course still meets the relevant sections of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments in relation to Bridge Resource Management, Engine-room Resource Management and Leadership and Teamworking Skills.

(The GRM course is included in the licence for all MRM training providers.)